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Two Colorado entrepreneurs are looking for your support in their mission to create a sense of adventure and curiosity in young girls.

Colorado Springs, CO, May 29, 2015 /KidZNewswire/ -- If you want the little girls in your life to read books that inspire them about the world, that build curiosity, that create global thinking, that empower them to be adventurous, check out the latest Kickstarter campaign just launched by Pack-n-Go Girls.

Designed by girls for girls who love to play and travel, Pack-n-Go Girls engages the imagination of children ages 6-9 by introducing them to different countries around the world. What inspired it all? ?I was looking for some engaging travel toys or books for my daughter to take along on a trip, and all I could find were Bratz, Barbies, and princesses,? says co-founder, Lisa Travis. ?And, yes, American girl dolls. But have you tried to stuff an American Girl in your carryon? Not going to happen. While a little girl play is fun?combing hair and dressing up?I wanted my daughter to think beyond just looking pretty. I wanted something that taught my little child about the world and fit into my suitcase.? So she partnered with her long-time friend, Janelle Diller, to create a travel toy for girls 6-9 that inspires curiosity, adventure, and a global mindset: a book, purse, and doll concept that you can "Pack-n-Go" to dinner or "Pack-n-Go" in the car or on a plane or in a train. Thus began the adventure. The first Pack-n-Go Girls book was launched in December of 2013 with four more books launched in 2014 ? in the countries of Austria, Mexico, and Thailand.

Pack-n-Go Girls early chapter book adventures are packed with spooky mysteries, international friendships, and lots of fun and easy multicultural learning. In 2015, Pack-n-Go Girls has set its sights on expanding its market, taking the next steps to get the purse and dolls to market, and launching three more books. That?s where the Kickstarter campaign comes in. Project Kickstarter: Brazil Looking to take Pack-n-Go Girls to the next level, Janelle and Lisa just launched a campaign to get their next country series ?kickstarted.?

New Pack-n-Go Girls, Sofia from Miami, FL, and Julia from Brazil, will be working together along with the help of a toucan they befriend to solve a mystery deep in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. The new country series will help little girls discover Brazil right before the next Olympics. ?Not every child can get on a plane. But they can read a book. Reading gives kids a chance to go anywhere in any time and be in that moment,? says co-founder, Janelle Diller. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will help change the world one reader at a time. Their support will make it possible for Pack-n-Go Girls to do the following: Inspire little girls to go global. Help children explore new places around the world and learn about unique foods, customs, celebrations, and languages. A curious child is a learning child who becomes a curious and learning adult. Feed a child?s reading appetite.

To engage young readers, the Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures combine an age-appropriate blend of text and illustrations that capture both the tension of the mysteries and the characters? emotions. The books are Lexile rated at high second grade reading. Increase diversity in books for young readers. Diversity in young children?s chapter books is sorely lacking?with only 10% having any multicultural component, and yet the US population is 37% people of color. From the beginning of our Pack-n-Go Girls days, we knew we?d have an eclectic bunch of characters. You can?t write stories about international friendships without ethnic diversity. We realized early on, too, that we needed to reflect the US population.

Our mission has been and always will be to expand the world for young readers so they can better understand the diversity of cultures and the richness each one contributes to the world. The Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures Kickstarter campaign runs May 26 through June 24, 2015. If the goal isn?t met by the end of the campaign, no funds exchange hands. Those interested in backing the project should visit to learn more.

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