Press Release Submission Guidelines

Please read this page before you submit your PR to our site.

Your news release must be related to children.  If your news is not related to children it will be refused.  

Headline - We will not publish any submission that is ALL upper case characters. The headline and body of your press release should be in the proper case.

Summary - The summary has a word count limit of 22 words. Your summary should expand on your headline or be a brief synopsis of what your PR entails.

Grammatical Errors - Your PR MUST have proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Even the best writers and editors make grammatical errors and typos. Be sure to proof read your press release before submission and also use a spellchecker to help catch those that the eyes usually miss.

Content - We will reject any submission for lack of content. When creating your press release, it should answer the questions who, what, where, when, why and how to be sure that your press release is complete and leaves no questions unanswered for the reader.

Advertisement -Your PR should not be an ad for your company, product or service. Your release should be a news announcement. Do not write your PR like an advertisement. Any submission that reads like an advertisement for a product or service will be rejected immediately. To help you get your submission approved, a KidZNewswire editor will contact you and give you reasons why your submission was rejected and offer suggestions.

Boilerplate/About section - Your press release SHOULD INCLUDE a paragraph that describes your company, products and services. If you are publishing a joint press release, include an about section for both companies.

SOURCE - Your PR MUST include the name of the company/companies, website, person, group or organization issuing the announcement. If you are a PR agency you are NOT the source of the news unless it's about your agency. Your client should be the source.

Word count -  Our minimum word count requirement is 300 words. For our $75 package the maximum word count is 900 words. The $25 package word count limit is 600 words and free releases have a word count limit of 400 words.

Photos & Videos - Photos & Videos are published on our website only.

Distribution - Paid releases will be published within 24 hours of submission and free releases within 48 hours if it meets our guidelines.

Editorial hours are 7AM-8PM Eastern Time Sun-Sun. Submissions received after hours will be published the following business day or the day/time of your choosing.

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