Tween Model Kayla-Marie P. Launches YouTube Channel Kayla-Marie XOX

Kayla-Marie P. is pleased to announce the launch of her YouTube channel

Kayla-Marie at Fashion on the Hudson 7
New York, July 27, 2015 /KidZNewswire/ -- Fresh from the runway in New York tween Model Kayla-Marie P. has launched her YouTube channel Kayla-Marie XOX.
After ripping the runway for fashion brand Unforgettable Divas at Fashion on the Hudson 7, Kayla-Marie decided now would be the best time to move forward with her plan for her own YouTube channel.

The tween says, "This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but the timing wasn't right but now is the right time." The tween decided to launch her own channel to express her own thoughts on various topics including fashion, hair styles and modeling of course.

"School is out for the summer and I've finished my work so why not take on another challenge?" she continued. "I think it will be fun and kids my age will enjoy it."

Kayla-Marie says that she is up to the challenge of balancing school, modeling and her own channel. "I love the idea of having my own YouTube Channel and I'm looking forward to filming more videos," said Kayla-Marie.

While she loves the channel she wants to be clear that modeling is her first love. "I enjoy everything about modeling, from the fittings to the walk on the runway. Of course walking on the runway in fabulous clothes is my favorite part,? she said.

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About Kayla-Marie P.

Kayla-Marie is a tween model and has appeared in various fashion shows since she was 5 years old. She appears in Chi Chi Vogue's show each year. She has also appeared in the Mini Miss Fashion Diva and the Serenity Nights shows. Her most recent show was Fashion on the Hudson 7 for the Unforgettable Divas Line. She is also interested in pursuing a career in acting.

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