Tween Model Kayla-Marie P. Hits the Runway for Unforgettable Divas and Highly Humble Extravaganza

Kayla-Marie P. has graced the runway yet again and is looking forward to a few more shows before school opens

Kayla-Marie P. wearing Unforgettable Divas
New York, August 19, 2015 /KidZNewswire/ -- Up and coming tween model Kayla-Marie P. is hard at work this summer ripping runaways and launching her own YouTube channel.

The tween recently graced the runway for three fashion lines, Unforgettable Divas, Highly Humble and Hugg Da World. The team behind Unforgettable Divas teamed up with designer Luckner Dompierre of Highly Humble to host a fashion extravaganza at the James V. Harmon Community Center at Hastings-on-the Hudson. The event held on August 15th included a dance group and fashion by a variety of designers.

The event was a success and showcased fashion for all to enjoy. Kayla-Marie was happy that her little sister also made an appearance at the event. Both Kayla-Marie and Kelsey agreed that walking on the runway in fabulous clothes is their favorite part of any fashion show.

About Hugg Da World

Hugg Da World 100% clothing is an urban brand created by Newbucks to honor his two cousins that passed away, Hugg & 100%.

About Highly Humble

Highly Humble was created in 2007 by Luckner Dompierre, an entrepreneur and a graphic designer who specializes in urban fashion designs. Highly Humble Clothing represents a positive frame of mind & strength from the heart.

About Unforgettable Divas

Unforgettable Divas is a clothing line for girls. Their goal is to make every little girl look like an angel or princess.

About Kayla-Marie P. Kayla-Marie is a tween model and has appeared in various fashion shows since she was 5 years old. She appears in Chi Chi Vogue's show each year. She has also appeared in the Mini Miss Fashion Diva and the Serenity Nights shows. Her most recent show was Fashion on the Hudson 7 for the Unforgettable Divas Line. She is also interested in pursuing a career in acting.

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Kayla-Marie P.
Kayla Marie P. Press team
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