Nine Year Old Inspires Career Search

New book entitled Olivia Lauren's Occupations A to Z is available on Amazon.

Hartford, CT, February 13, 2017 /KidZNewswire/ -- Olivia Lauren is a 9-year-old actor, model, and aspiring author. While on acting auditions and modeling castings, Olivia’s world opened up as she was exposed to and started learning about various occupations, such as manager, agent, photographer, casting director, movie director, camera crew, hair stylist, makeup artist, voice over actor, and sound engineer to name a few.

Olivia currently attends a STEM school, and as such learns about the work of scientists, inventors, engineers, and mathematicians. She also learns the violin and the trumpet at school. Having been exposed to both the arts and sciences, Olivia and her mom, Dr. John realized how few children have this opportunity. Olivia and her mom decided to take advantage of all they were learning and share it in a kid friendly, brightly colored, digestible reference book and career guide. The best thing about the book is its diversity of characters. All children are able to feel represented and included and are able to perceive themselves as either of those jobs or careers in the future.

Dr. John is a professor and psychologist whose research focuses on STEM and diversity in the curriculum. Dr. John also wanted to empower youth in their book, so she did two things. All the occupations are represented by children and illustrated by children. Dr. John hired two young artists to illustrate the book. This is how Olivia Lauren’s Occupations A to Z was conceived. Occupations A to Z was born February 6, 2017 and is available in print and kindle editions on Amazon.

Other formats are coming soon. To support these authors, please purchase a copy or request at your local library, follow @olivialaurenj on Instagram, and hashtag photos of your child reading their copies with #laurensimonepubs.

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