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Discover all the things Karissa enjoys - like venturing into the wild, survival training, muddy mess making & more!

Eubank, Kentucky, February 01, 2018 /KidZNewswire/ -- Welcome to our family friendly channel with videos that are inspired by an adventurous six-year-old southern country girl who loves God, her family, and exploring!

Every day is a new adventure for this family! When it comes to having a once in a lifetime adventure, our family doesn't have to travel very far. With this precocious little girl, she brings a gift of laughter with fun adventures that keeps on giving-the freedom to create and experience life no matter where we are!

Discover all the things Karissa enjoys! Things Like adventuring into the wild and learning survival training methods with her dad; doing family fun challenges with her siblings; going on fun family vacations; adventuring different Kentucky parks; exploring the fun of muddy mess making, and spreading the love of God.

Each Family friendly video is Designed to motivate children to connect and be creative with the natural world.

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Our family motto is every day is a new adventure!

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Karissa's Family Fun Adventures
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