Sanford Autism Consulting Shares Educational Tips

Education tips for parents of children with special needs.

San Diego, CA, USA, August 03, 2019 /KidZNewswire/ -- Is it possible for a child with special needs to be successful at school? The answer is yes! With the right supports and team accountability, it is likely that most children can enjoy a successful school experience.

Here are a few tips to get you and your child on their way...

1. Develop a consistent form of communication. I encourage parents to establish an agreed upon method and timing for communication. You may prefer a daily text message or a weekly email, but does this work for your child's teacher and special education team? Make sure to establish what works best for all early in the school year. Also, if there is a breakdown in this format, don't be afraid to mention it to your team.

2. Measure and review progress. Due to the nature of your child's unique needs, it may take multiple strategies and team members to help them achieve success at school. Remember the old children's story of the tortoise and the hare...slow and steady wins the race! With this is mind, it is valuable to monitor your child's progress regularly during the school year. Each team member should be able to give you insight regarding your child's goals and levels of progress at least 2-3 times a year. Help your child by requesting and reviewing this information from your special education team throughout the year.

3. Keep an open mind. Believe that your child has great potential. Also believe that your child's special education team has good intentions, unless they demonstrate something that proves otherwise. A positive perspective will help as you may have to work hard for the small wins during the school year.

At Sanford Autism Consulting, we offer educational advocacy, parent workshops, and social skills groups for girls in the San Diego area. Our passion is helping fellow special needs families to persistently pursue what's best for their children at school.

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