Aunty B & Friends Offers Free Interactive Fun

Aunty B & Friends is a unique and diverse Musical Theatre Storytelling group who comes right to you!

Toronto, Canada, March 26, 2020 /KidZNewswire/ -- During this difficult time, our groovy freinds want you to know you are not alone and we are here to help! That's we are offering FREE interactive live stream. We believe there is nothing better than coming together and creating positive energy at our most vulnerable times. Aunty B & Friends wants to provide a safe space for your growing toddler by doing something different and coming right to your living room through our live feed on Facebook and Instagram.

Aunty B & Friends will be available to you and your bundle of joy online every day at 4 pm est. We will engage your smart, creative and curious little one with songs, dancing, laughter, books, and even arts and crafts. You can ask us questions and we will answer. All you have to do is TUNE in, It's that easy!

Our goal is to take children on an adventure while using their imagination. This allows us to help instill creative ways of building confidence, self-respect for themselves and others; while dealing with difficult life situations. Aunty B & Friends content is more than our life-size puppets, our groovy gale Aunty B in her roller skates shoes and our creative way to entertain. Our groovy group of friends provide your children with the opportunity to approach some of life's core challenges in a unique way that has long term effects, yet is presented and discussed in a safe, fun and interactive setting.

Feel free to take a peek at our website
Facebook @auntyb1
Instagram @auntyb_

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