Sisters, Gabby and Gigi, Released Their 3rd Book

The sisters released their 3rd book, are featured authors for Reading is Fundamental and are brand ambassadors for a hair care line.

Los Angeles, California, March 28, 2020 /KidZNewswire/ -- Young Sisters, Gabby and Gigi, Released Their 3rd book

Two young sisters, Gabby and Gigi, have proven that you can never underestimate the
imagination and vision of children. The sisters convinced their mother, Phnesha Marchette, who
also happens to be an artist and writer, to use some of their drawings about things they loved to
do, which morphed into the Gabby and Gigi book series.

The first book, “Meet Gabby and Gigi,” was released in 2016 and the second book, “Daisy Did
It,” was released in the summer of 2019. The girls were so eager to work on getting their stories
out that Gabby designed the cover art concept for book three and, even to their surprise, they
were able to release their third book, “The Big Big Secret” one week before Christmas in 2019.

2019 was a very busy year for the girls! Their book series was picked up by Reading is
Fundamental and hundreds of the books have already been distributed in schools throughout
California. They will also have their books distributed in Africa this year as well as launch a
major product which will increase their platform, “Showing African American children in a
positive light.”

The Gabby and Gigi book series is for ALL children. The goal has always been to show that all
children are alike and learn the same lessons and have the same experiences. The series also
promotes strong family dynamics and is educational; there are Reading Comprehension
questions at the end of every story.

Gabby and Gigi have been featured in magazines and local news outlets and have had book
signings at major retailers and events over the past few years. They were recently named as
Brand Ambassadors for Dixons 1737, a hair care product line for natural hair women/girls and
men. Follow them on, for more information.

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