8 Year Old Entrepreneur Jah'Qwell Johnson Starts His Own Clothing Business

An 8 year old boy named Jah'Qwell Johnson is happy to announce his own clothing line, which is going to start with a collecton of Ready to wear clothes. The mission of this clothing line is to assist kids who struggle with their self-esteem.

Jamaica, New York, November 11, 2014 /KidZNewswire/ -- Personal identity and self esteem is considered one of the essential factors of personal building. This is not a simple task considering the fact that parents need to strike an appropriate balance between offering them sufficent free will to act on their personal instincts and guiding them to make the best options.

Parents and kids are encouraged to join Jah'Qwell in his goal of helping kids overcome their self esteem issues by means of registering to become a member of Big Boys Klub. This remarkable clothing line is making a huge difference in the minds of many kids out there facing an issue regarding their self-confidence. Please be a part of this remarkable movement.

"I decided to put up this clothing line with the purpose of helping kids like me to come out of the box and show who they really are. Self esteem is very important for kids like me. This will lead to a brighter future," says Jah'Qwell, owner of BBK.

About Big Boys Klub
Big Boys Klub was established in January 2014. Jah?Qwell Johnson started the movement because he was determine to be a smarter thinker in true life cases that occur every day. Some cases could be minor, but other cases could be life-threatening. Jah?Qwell witnessed a situation at a young age that was very tragic. Jah? Qwell want to assist children of different ages to become conscious of their surroundings. It doesn?t matter if it is asking for assistance when somebody is hurt or simply crossing the street. These kinds of cases could be prevented by knowing what to do and asking for help. Members of the club can get the support they need and share their knowledge to other people.

You do not have to be a member to own any of the Big Boys Klub apparel. Please feel free to visit their website at www.bigboysklub.org or call their customer service number.

Everyone is welcome! Join Now!

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