Six Year Old Author Dillon Porch Publishes New eBook 'The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur'

The book will be available on April 11th but is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur by Dillon Porch
Brooklyn, NY, March 26, 2020 /KidZNewswire/ -- Six year author Dillon Porch is pleased to announce his first ebook “The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur” will be available on Amazon. The ebook is available for pre-order and purchase at This is a children's book for any child who's interested in dinosaurs, science and using their imagination.

You don't have to wait to be an adult to make an impact on the world. At just six years of age, Dillon’s love of reading and dinosaurs inspired him to write his very first book for kids like him who love dinosaurs. “My love for reading inspired my first children's ebook around my favorite dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex,” said Dillon.

Dillon is excited to be sharing his dinosaur story. Often, we think because a child is too young they won’t be able to reach their dreams. But many young people want to start their own business, write a book etc. That's why Dillon’s book is so important, he is empowering others to realize that they can do it too!”

The much-anticipated official launch of ‘The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur’ will inspire the young and old to dream big, make moves and create major change. “I believe reading allows you to learn new words, explore and use your imagination. While in kindergarten I asked my mom to help me write a book about my favorite dinosaur T Rex. I wanted to share my excitement for dinosaurs with my peers to inspire them to read, be creative and explore. In addition, my hope in writing my first ebook is for other children to always know that they can do whatever you put your mind to,” said Dillon.

About Dillon Porch
Dillon Porch is a 6 year old entrepreneur and author from New York. His first book is “The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur”. He also has his own clothing line FKBK (For Kids By Kids) available at

Follow Dillon on Instagram @mister_dillon and YouTube at

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