Six Year Old Author Dillon Porch Publishes New eBook 'The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur'

Brooklyn, NY-- (KidZNewswire - March 26, 2020) - Six year author Dillon Porch is pleased to announce his first ebook “The Boy Who Dreamed of a Dinosaur” will be available on Amazon. The ebook is available for pre-order and purchase at This is a children's book for any child who's interested in dinosaurs, scien...

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Dr CJ & Astrophysicist Nick Launch YouTube Channel

Chattanooga, TN USA-- (KidZNewswire - April 9, 2018) - CJ Diakhate and Nick Major, recently launched YouTube channel Dr. CJ Astrophysicist Nick, “Where real scientists play!” The two youngsters, 6-year old CJ and 7-year old Nick plan to use the channel to explore scientific theories and ideas, review products, and show young scientists at play. ...

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The Rise of Autism: New Studies Showing an Increase of Autism in Children

Los Angeles-- (KidZNewswire - April 6, 2014) - New data released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week showed that autism in children has increased by approximately 30%, now affecting one in sixty-eight children. The increase of diagnoses comes at the start of Autism Awareness Month, presenting an opportunity to corres...

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