• Building Bonds Between Dads and Kids

    MISSION, KS-- (KidZNewswire - January 1, 2015) - (Family Features) For many adults, the times spent with their fathers are among their most treasured memories. However, today as many as one in three children in America live in a home where a biological father is not present. The reasons for paternal absence can vary. For example, fathers may ...    Read More

  • The Rise of Autism: New Studies Showing an Increase of Autism in Children

    Los Angeles-- (KidZNewswire - April 6, 2014) - New data released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week showed that autism in children has increased by approximately 30%, now affecting one in sixty-eight children. The increase of diagnoses comes at the start of Autism Awareness Month, presenting an opportunity to corres...    Read More

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