Texas Author Launches Elfpreneur Book and Cards

Clever concept introduces children to the elf entrepreneurs who make the brand-name goods at the North Pole

The Elfpreneurs book
Colleyville, Texas, December 03, 2020 /KidZNewswire/ -- Helping to end the confusion kids feel when they get a brand-name gift from Santa on Christmas morning, Texas-based entrepreneur and author Lori Stacy has launched a book, The Elfpreneurs, and a line of “Made By” Elfpreneur gift cards that introduce kids to the elves who partnered with big-name brands to make gifts.

“It’s always been a little confusing for kids: They know Santa’s elves work hard building toys at the North Pole, but what happens when kids want that ultra trendy pair of sneakers? Or the hottest video game of the year?” says Stacy. “The Elfpreneurs are a band of elves who branched out to form their own toy company to make products in partnership with big name brands that Santa can deliver on Christmas morning.”

The book, which won a Best Children's Christmas Book of 2020 Award from Creative Child magazine, tells the story of Simzy and Fleur, two elves who become concerned when the hottest Christmas gift of the year is backordered. They decide to help the company by making products at the North Pole for Santa to deliver. With each brand-name gift, they leave a card telling kids a little about themselves, which is the idea behind the Elfpreneur gift cards.

“The Elfpreneur gift cards show kids which elf worked with the company to make the product, and they tell the kids a little about the elf,” says Stacy. “Now, children won’t be confused when they open their Santa sacks full of brand-name goods.”

The concept is simple: Just write in the brand name on the dotted line under “Made in partnership with” on an Elfpreneur card and include it with the Santa gift. Problem solved and Christmas saved!

Stacy has been an author and editor for more than 20 years and has written books for kids for such imprints as Scholastic Inc. The book and cards are published by Superlative Media, LLC, and are available on the website www.originalnorthpoleworkshop.com as well as on Amazon.com.

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