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Texas Author Launches Elfpreneur Book and Cards

Colleyville, Texas-- (KidZNewswire - December 3, 2020) - Helping to end the confusion kids feel when they get a brand-name gift from Santa on Christmas morning, Texas-based entrepreneur and author Lori Stacy has launched a book, The Elfpreneurs, and a line of “Made By” Elfpreneur gift cards that introduce kids to the elves who partnered with big-name b...

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Dream Academy Foundation Partners With Smart Money App GoalSetter for a Financial Seminar for Kids

Chicago, IL-- (KidZNewswire - October 30, 2020) - The Dream Academy Foundation, in partnership with GoalSetter, is proud to announce the Dream Academy Financial Seminar! Staying true to one of the mainstays of providing youth with information, opportunities and resources to become financially literate, invested and free, this event allows the no...

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Calling All Families For Virtual Halloween Bingo!

Atlanta-- (KidZNewswire - October 28, 2020) - The Covid-19 pandemic threatens to trick us out of our Halloween treat! Well, not if award-winning author, and international speaker, TeeJ Mercer has anything to say about it. On Friday, October 30th, Mercer, an award-winning TV Editor/ producer who has worked on projects for networks like ABC...

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IAmElemental's Action Figures for Girls Launches Funding Campaign

New York-- (KidZNewswire - June 1, 2014) - IAmElemental (, the startup toy company developing action figures for girls, today announced the successful launch of its funding campaign. The privately held company, incorporated in September 2013, is the market's sole producer of collectible action figures des...

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