The Rise of Autism: New Studies Showing an Increase of Autism in Children

New Studies Showing an Increase of Autism in Children

Los Angeles, April 06, 2014 /KidZNewswire/ -- New data released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week showed that autism in children has increased by approximately 30%, now affecting one in sixty-eight children. The increase of diagnoses comes at the start of Autism Awareness Month, presenting an opportunity to correspondingly increase awareness.

What is autism and what are the symptoms of autism in children? Kids in the House expert Jerry Kartzinel, MD says, "I look at how many responses to stimuli the child responds to abnormally. For example, some kids will put heir hands on the stove and burn themselves and then they'll do it again. So the more abnormal responses to everyday stimuli, the more challenged we are to help that child see and perceive our world in a normal way."

Child Neurologist and Kids in the House expert Jane Tavyev Asher, MD discusses the genetic and environmental factors affecting the rise in autism, stating "The brain cells are very susceptible to toxins during the time of development, from the period in utero through early childhood? environmental toxins can also be creating direct changes to the DNA? so as the brain is developing, these changes can take place and environmental toxins can mimic some of the hormones and other signals that tell the brain what to do."

What steps can parents and caregivers take in treating autism? Kids in the House experts recommend therapy, diet and exercise as effective methods to help your child progress.

To get more information on autism from top experts, including how to help a child who's been diagnosed, head to

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