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Dream Academy Foundation Partners With Smart Money App GoalSetter for a Financial Seminar for Kids

Chicago, IL-- (KidZNewswire - October 30, 2020) - The Dream Academy Foundation, in partnership with GoalSetter, is proud to announce the Dream Academy Financial Seminar! Staying true to one of the mainstays of providing youth with information, opportunities and resources to become financially literate, invested and free, this event allows the no...

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Teen Stock Prodigy Truth Jones Nets $18k in 72hrs on his Juneteenth Mission

Atlanta-- (KidZNewswire - June 30, 2020) - Teen stock market prodigy Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones is the perfect example of reaching for the moon and falling amongst stars. On June 17, 2020, the 13-year-old set out to empower 200 people with his firsthand knowledge of investing in stocks and earn $100,000 in 72 hours. The event would cu...

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