• Documentary Follows the Lives of Homeless Youth

    Bremerton, WA.-- (KidZNewswire - April 6, 2018) - The Coffee Oasis in Bremerton, WA, is one of the most unique enterprises in the Pacific Northwest. In a place well known for its love of coffee, the “Coffee-O” as it’s nicknamed, serves up not just hot brew but also serves up hope, help and protection to the thousands of homeless youth around Ki...    Read More

  • World Premiere of PEI Kids: Generation Change Heads to Garden State Film Festival

    Trenton, NJ-- (KidZNewswire - February 3, 2017) - Seven13 films and Lawrence-based PEI Kids have partnered to produce a documentary film, PEI Kids: Generation Change, moderated by Adrienne Bankert, National Correspondent, ABC News and taped at the Sam Naples Community Center in Trenton. The film, which is scheduled for debut on April 2 at t...    Read More

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